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"WhatsApp" should be used by customers who cannot make calls.

Go to "WhatsApp page" from "WhatsApp ❶" below

Alternatively, you can also ask questions, make inquiries, and make reservations from "Contact Form ❷".

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❷ Contact Form : Inquiries and questions


❶ Our main working areas

Our main working areas are in central Tokyo,・・・hotel or home.

➀ A Transportation Fee is Free : The following Areas

A Transportation Fee is free for locations within central Tokyo (i.e.the area enclosed by JR Yamanote line).

Please see WELCOME TO TOKYOabout JR YAMANOTE line.

「About JR YAMANOTE line」

② A Transportation Fee is 2,000 yen : The following Areas.

A transportation fee of 2,000 yen applies for the Hotel, Home of the following9 wards outside JR Yamanote line.

But no transportation fee in the Hotel or home within JR Yamanote line area (i.e.the area enclosed by the Yamanote line).

⑴ Shinjuku ward  / ⑵ Shibuya ward /  ⑶ Shinagawa ward / ⑷ Taitou ward / ⑸ Toshima ward  / ⑹ Meguro ward / ⑺ Arakawa ward / ⑻ Sumida ward / ⑼ Koutou ward

③ A Transportation Fee is 3,000 yen : The following Areas.

A transportation fee of 3,000 yen applies for the Hotel, Home of the following2 wards.

However, it is up to the inside of the Ring 7 line.

⑴ Nakano ward / ⑵ Setagaya ward

「About The Ring line in Japanese」

④ A Transportation Fee is 5,000 yen : The following Areas.

A transportation fee of 5,000 yen applies for the other areas in Tokyo, and in Chiba pref.in following such as・・・

For example,

・・・Only hotel in Haneda air port area in Ota ward,Tokyo.Please seeHANEDA AIR PORT AREAS」.


・・・Only hotel in Maihama, Urayasushi areas in Chiba pref.

⑤ A Transportation fee is 8,000 yen  : The following Areas.

A transportation fee of 8,000 yen applies in below.

・・・Only hotel in kaihinmakuhari area in Mihama-ku, Chiba city,Chiba pref.

❷ Our video guide:SENTAI=WASH BODY


① Wash and warm customer's body in the shower before Sessions.
The massage effect will also increase.

② "SENTAI=wash body" is performed by clothing.

③ Time will be added for 15 minutes.

④ "SENTAI=wash body" is an optional service, it is 3,000 yen, with an additional 15 minutes.


It is an introduction of AREAS about the mobile working area of ​​our shop.


It is Mabuhay of a mobile Philippines massage.

Our shop offers a mobile Philippines massage to a hotel and a home in central Tokyo.

Our mobile working area inside the "JR Yamanote Line" is free of transportation expenses.

Opening hours are from 4 pm to 1 am.


❹ How to contact our shop

① If you have any questions, inquiries or reservations regarding our massage services, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us by "phone" or "inquiry / form" below.

② Replying from “Inquiry / Form” may take some time, so we recommend that you call for reservations.

③ And don't hesitate to contact us about AREAS about the mobile working area of ​​our shop.

④ Business hours are from 4 pm until 1 am (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 24:00).

⑤ Please make inquiries and reservations by phone during business hours.


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