Mobile Philippine Massage TOKYO [MABUHAY] is the cheapest shop in Tokyo. We offer an outcall, mobile massage to your hotel or home in central Tokyo.

Mobile Philippine Massage TOKYO [MABUHAY] is the cheapest shop in Tokyo.




"WhatsApp" is only accepted by phone.

For inquiries and questions, please use the email form below❷.

Please be sure to tell the store name "MABUHAY".

Or please send a screenshot from the Web, so that the store name can be entered.

❶ "WhatsApp" : Only phone.When calling, be sure to tell the store name “MABUHAY”.


❷ Contact Form : Inquiries and questions


Please feel free to contact us from the following, such as questions, inquiries, and reservations.

Call Now (186)0362402921


It is an introduction of CONTACT.

Questions, questions, and reservations ・・・Please feel free to use the following "phone" and "inquiry / form".

Please note that it will take some time for the "Inquiry / Form" to respond.


It is Mabuhay of a mobile Philippines massage.

Our shop offers a mobile Philippines massage to a hotel and a home in central Tokyo.

Our mobile working area inside the "JR Yamanote Line" is free of transportation expenses.

Opening hours are from 4 am to 1 am

Please do not hesitate to use the “phone” or “inquiry / form” form below, such as questions, inquiries, reservations etc.

Please note that it may take some time to reply from the "Inquiry / Form".


Call Now (186)0362402921


Reservations are accepted from 4:00 pm to midnight 24 am.
Please feel free to make a reservation from "Phone" and "Inquiries / Forms".

In addition, please make reservation of use of "mobile Philippines massage" outside ​​"JR Yamanote Line" by 21 pm.

Reservations for locations outside central Tokyo can be made until 21 pm.

But we may not be available during busy period and for other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

There may be times when we are unable to answer the phone immediately.
If we do not answer on your first try, please wait a few minutes and try again.

If you would like to have a massage after 1 am in central Tokyo, please make a reservation until 1 am.


Call Now (186)0362402921

❷ Question

If you have any questions, please feel free to call from "phone" or "inquiry / form" after 4 pm.

❸ Cancellation

If you wish to cancel a reservation, please let us know as soon as possible at least one hour before.

A charge of 5,000 yen will be required if the booking is cancelled.

Transportation - Fee is required in case of outside Tokyo,too. Please see the page AREAS」.

There is no cancellation charge if more than one hour notice.

A charge of 5,000 yen will be required to change the companion who arrived.


❹ About making a call

Especially about making calls from the hotel where you are staying.

For those who are phoning from hotel phone, please add 186 in the front and follow by number.
That would be +186-03-6240-2921.

Call Now (186)0362402921

❺ It is an introductory video of our shop "MABUHAY".


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