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It is an introduction of FAQ.

For those who are thinking of using our shop for the first time, for your understanding.

We introduce some questions from our customers for your understanding.


It is Mabuhay of a mobile Philippines massage.

Our shop offers a mobile Philippines massage to a hotel and a home in central Tokyo.

Our mobile working area inside the "JR Yamanote Line" is free of transportation expenses.

Opening hours are from 4 am to 1 am

Please do not hesitate to use the “phone” or “inquiry / form” form below, such as questions, inquiries, reservations etc.

Please note that it may take some time to reply from the "Inquiry / Form".


Call Now (186)0362402921

❶ About Massage

➀ About Lymph Glands Massage around groin

Q. Hi,I'm currently in Tokyo, Shinjuku area and found your website where you offer massage services. Can I know what you do mean by Philippine Lymph Glands around groin?

A. This is a Lymph drainage massage around groin, detox massage in philippine's way.


Q. Hi I am wondering if you could come to my apartment for a massage tomorrow? I am very jet-lagged after a trip and want to be relaxed, do you offer some extra services? best regards, XXX

A. We're sorry we cannot understand your question. We do have so many question like that. Please call us directly.

❷ About Charges

➀ Charge Amount

Q. Please tell me how much you charge in US dollars for a 100 minute massage starting before 7 pm and how much you charge if the massage starts after 7 pm.

A. First of all, where do you want to get a mobile Philippines massage?

Transportation costs will be charged separately, except in the central area of ​​Tokyo = “JR Yamanote Line”, so we can not tell the amount.

If it is inside the “JR Yamanote Line”, the massage start time is up to 7 pm and “EARLY RESERVATION” DISCOUNT can be used, so 100 MINS 13,000 YEN.

After 7 pm, 100 MINS 15,000 YEN.



What is the hotel name? In what part of Tokyo?

Where would you like to call a mobile Philippines massage?

After "SEARCH", confirm "Available coupons" on the corresponding page! "There" You will find out which coupons are available! ! It will be clear if there is a transportation cost.

Search here!! "Convenient IN WEB Search"

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❸ About Reservation

➀ Reservation from hotel

Q. Is it possible for you to call me because i\I don not want call record on my billing statement from the hotel?

A. No problem.

Please send us your Room number and your booking name.

❹ Others

➀ Unintelligible question

Q. Hi there, My wife and I will be traveling in March and will be staying at the New Sanno hotel in Tokyo.

I am wondering if your services are available here and the massage would be a body to body for my wife.

Is this possible to serve female clients? If so what is involved? Thanks, XXX

A. In your Hotel, Please bring her up when our masseuse arrive there.

But we cannot understand"body to body". Please call about that.

② About photo

Q. Do you photos of the companions available? Please respond to johndoXXXgmail.com

A. We're sorry we don't have photos of therapists.

❺ It is an introductory video of our shop "MABUHAY".