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It is an introduction of BUNKYOU WARD as the mobile working area of ​​our shop.

We introduce some of the transportation free hotels in BUNKYOU WARD.


It is Mabuhay of a mobile Philippines massage.

Our shop offers a mobile Philippines massage to a hotel and a home in central Tokyo.

Our mobile working area inside the "JR Yamanote Line" is free of transportation expenses.

Opening hours are from 4 am to 1 am

Please do not hesitate to use the “phone” or “inquiry / form” form below, such as questions, inquiries, reservations etc.

Please note that it may take some time to reply from the "Inquiry / Form".


Call Now (186)0362402921

❶ Hotels in BUNKYOU WARD, Tokyo.

「Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo」

「Hotel Wing International Korakuen」

「Ricmond Hotel Tokyo Suidobashi」

「the b suidobashi」

「Tokyo Dome Hotel」

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What is the hotel name? In what part of Tokyo?

Where would you like to call a mobile Philippines massage?

After "SEARCH", confirm "Available coupons" on the corresponding page! "There" You will find out which coupons are available! ! It will be clear if there is a transportation cost.

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❹ It is an introductory video of our shop "MABUHAY".