Mobile Philippine Massage TOKYO [MABUHAY] is the cheapest shop in Tokyo. We offer an outcall, mobile massage to your hotel or home in central Tokyo.

Mobile Philippine Massage TOKYO [MABUHAY] is the cheapest shop in Tokyo.




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It is an introduction of "HILOT MASSAGE" which is said to be the original massage of the Philippine massage.

It is Mabhai of a mobile Philippines massage.
Our shop offers a mobile Philippines massage to a hotel and a home in central Tokyo.
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Hilot is a traditional Filipino treatment that aims to release the body from nerves and blood vessels blocked and muscles and joints from cold.

Hilot, which is said to be based in Tagalog, translates into Japanese, meaning that he feels like "touch gently", but originally means that she is a midwife who treats pregnant women and attends births. was doing.

In fact, it has also been demonstrated that hilot has the effect of removing pain in the lower back and back of pregnant women and reducing the component of cortisol that causes stress.

It is said that Hilot's technique, used oil, and instruments that are said to have started to spread from about 5th century are not written at all, and Hilot is a mysterious treatment that is considered as a gift from God. Hilot is only a special kind of human being who has inherited the technology, and has passed on the technology for generations.

❷ The influence of Oriental medicine on HILOT MASSAGE ・・・?!

The traditional Filipino hilot focuses on the balance between the natural world and people, the four elements of "soil, wind, fire, water" that make up the universe, warm and cold, and energy.

The four elements of "Soil, Wind, Fire, Water" that exist in the natural world are correlated, and it is said that the peace, the rest, the quietness of the natural world can not be maintained unless they are in harmony.
Hilot applies these balances to human health.

Hilot's philosophy focuses on the balance of "warm and cold", and it divides everything such as medicinal herbs, food, aroma and daily activities into "warm" and "cold".

In treatment, the medical condition classified as "warm" is treated using the herb classified as "cold", and the "warm and cold" balance is taken back and it takes the method of returning to a healthy state.

In addition, energy is generated from the idea of ​​“warm vs. cold”, “natural world vs. human”, and the interaction of opposing forces such as soil, wind, fire, and water, and so on. Maintaining balance is also a key to creating a healthy mind and body.

Around this point, Philippines, which is a country in the same Asian region.

Isn't it possible to say that the philosophy of oriental medicine* is also inherited? !

❸ Characteristics of HILOT MASSAGE

Among the many oil treatments, the movement of the finger is fast and the strength is the characteristic of the hilot.

Hilot is a treatment that combines the characteristics of an Oriental massage with quick movement, effervescence, stimulation, etc., and a Western massage with blood promoting effects and an approach to the skin.

Unique is a method to check the balance of the body using banana leaves that are said to have bactericidal action.

Before and after the treatment, apply a thin, extra virgin coconut oil to the heated banana leaves and apply to the affected area to check the balance of the body.

The practitioner can detect and diagnose the part where the balance is lost just by applying the leaves to the affected part, and after diagnosis using the banana leaf, the treatment according to each symptom is started.

The oil used is mainly virgin coconut oil, but it may be used in combination with Sampaguita oil extracted from Sampaguita (a type of jasmine), which is the national flower of the Philippines.

The massages we offer combine our many massage skills and offer our massages in a unique style, so we do not offer HILOT MASSAGE.

❹ It is an introductory video of our shop "MABUHAY".


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